Deep Thoughts

‘Instructions are the highways for high flyers’; this profound statement was made by a preacher in a gathering in 2010 and it has remained stuck to my memory ever since.

‘A life without instruction is heading for destruction.’ This striking post was taken from the page a dear friend of my wife on facebook, I had to comment on her post (something I rarely do). It took my mind straight to the preacher’s statement above. It also triggered some deep thinking within me throughout that day. I had the following impression in my mind as a result.

No matter how skilful or experienced an aircraft pilot is, he/she needs instructions from air traffic controllers to ensure smooth take-off and landing, to direct them around unfavourable weather conditions and keep them at safe distances from other aircrafts when they are air-borne, as well as ensuring smooth flow of traffic with minimal delays around the airport.

The decisions every pilot takes depend largely on information got from the control tower; this in turn leads to the success (or otherwise) of the pilot’s career as well as saving lives and properties. Just imagine for a minute, a pilot who neglects the instructions of the air traffic controllers.

As we navigate through existence, we all need instructions to arrive at any given destination and at any point in time. Those to heed instructions most likely arrive at their ‘given’ destinations with minimal delays than those who caution to the wind. There are so many things to say but so little time and space to put them out, so I will just leave it here and provoke your own thought too.

I know for a fact that ‘Instructions are the highways for high flyers’ and ‘a life without instruction is definitely heading for destruction.’




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